Bomber Bother

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Bomber Bother

Bomber Bother is inspired by Donkey Kong 64’s infamous “Beaver Bother” mini-game!

How to beat in Bomber Bother?

Herd beavers into the pit and collect money, to win the game! To win, collect a total of $347,137.30!

In Classic difficulty mode, if beavers walk straight towards the hole they’ll stop and not fall in! The “trick” is to make sure you steer them towards the hole, but not directly at it: Always mind the angle at which beavers are walking towards the pit!

If you manage to make a beaver walk closely past the hole, it’s a good chance to give them a little scare: Usually, they will jump right in!

Developed by Dare Look. The author wants you to check out and support these charities if you can.

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.


Controls are optimized for use with an X-Box controller, but the game can also be played with other controllers or keyboard/mouse. You can also change control settings to fit your needs and preferences!

Default controls are…

MoveLeft StickWASD
ScareXEnter Or E
PauseStartESC or P