Azriel Quest for the SkyHarbor

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Azriel Quest for the SkyHarbor

Azriel is an epic strategy/defense game from the guys who brought you The Gun Game series.

Control your units and the forces of nature. Build structures that generate units and overtake your enemies’ territory for victory.

Smite your foes with god-like powers with lightning, meteors and more! Collect gold from fallen enemies to fund your fight for glory! Also keep in mind, enemies scale towards your play!

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.

How to Play:

* MOUSE to place buildings and use powers
* Don’t forget to give your feedback! We want to hear from you about what you’d like to see changed in this game… updates are coming often!

Azriel is a game of patience – Place units, raise your economy, and strategically use your powers to win.

Dont forget to use the SkyHarbor!

Collect coins to boosts your earnings.

Overwhelmed easily? Earn money first. Miners, wanted posters, and help blacksmiths. Focusing on economy early helps avoid getting overwhelmed.

Windmills, spikes, beartraps, oh my!