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Super Treadmill

Our story opens with a somewhat overweight child by the name of Billy. He simply cannot stop eating, and he simply cannot lose weight. Thankfully, his Uncle Rico is there to save the day, and as a world-famous gym instructor he’s the perfect go-to guy for the occasion. His solution: the Super Treadmill, the ultimate in exercise technology. It’s the craziest workout in existence, with furniture and other obstacles constantly getting in the way that have to be dodged, but it’s very effective… and Billy’s willing to try it!

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.


Use the [left] and [right] [arrow] keys to move Billy left and right on the treadmill, and press [up] to make him jump. Jump and run over all sorts of obstacles that fall onto the treadmill, from the tall to the short and from the slippery to the living! Power shakes will occasionally fall onto the treadmill as well; collect them for more points! Keep an eye on the sidelines; Uncle Rico will occasionally switch the treadmill’s direction, or speed it up! Fall off the treadmill on either side and it’s game over, but persist until the workout’s done and you’re done for the day!

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