Pokemon Yellow Version

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EXACT COPY of the classic Pokemon Yellow Version that was played on the old school GAMEBOY console, some of you might remember playing it.


If your getting the “Java Error Blocked” message. You need to change your security level on your Java from HIGH to MEDIAN. Here is the tutorial.

if the control doesn’t work you need to click on the game.

Up/down/left/right: Use ARROW KEYS.
Start-key: Press ENTER.
Select-key: Press CONTROL.
B-key: Press Z.
A-key: Press X.


Make sure you follow the instruction below very carefully TO SAVE YOUR GAME:

1. Push ENTER.
2. Select “Save” by pushing X.
3. Cofirm save by selecting “Yes” and pushing X again.
4. Push ESC and go to “Save Game”. A code should be generated for you.

The next time you come back enter the code on top of screen and click the button to resume where you left off.

You have to reuse the code within a week or else your saved game will be erased.