Yu Jammin
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Yu Jammin


Yu Jammin is a cool game where you can learn how to make your own music loops.

Author Note:

“This is a two week prototype created for a game design uni class. The theme was

‘voice’ and I wanted to make a game where you had to record your voice and then

make music using that voice. I had trouble getting the recording part to work so I

decided to just use premade assets/sound effects. I had a lot of fun developing it

and I learned a lot about developing around BPM/the precision that is required.”



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Special Thanks:

How to Play:


  • lick on the note symbol on the left to pick a sound. Click again to get a new set of sounds.
  • Click on the notes to arrange them. You can drag up/down to adjust the pitch of that note.
  • Click on the bar underneath the sound title to adjust the volume.
  • Click on the Power Switch to mute/unmute a track.
  • Click on the CULL switch to stop a sound when that sound plays again.
  • Click any of the preset buttons to get a preset arrangement of notes.
  • Click on the Spinning CD when you are done making your song to do a full performance!
  • F1 will forcibly restart the game.