Yahtzee Board Game
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Yahtzee Board Game


Yahtzee the classic dice and board game online. The goal of YAHTZEE gets the highest possible score by rolling five dice and getting certain combinations of dice.

The player rolls the dice three times during his/her turn. After each roll, the player will decide which dice to keep and which to reroll to get a better combination. For example, if the player gets 1,2,3,6,6. He has a lot of options, he can reroll both 6 to try and get a straight, or reroll 1,2 to try and get a full house or three of a kind.

The Yahtzee scorecard contains 13 scoring boxes divided between two sections: the upper section and the lower section.

Upper section

In the upper section, there are six boxes. The score in each of these boxes is determined by adding the total number of dice matching that box.

Categories Descriptions Scores Examples
Aces Any combination The sum of dice with the  1 scores (3*1=3)
Twos Any combination The sum of dice with the  2 scores (2*3=6)
Threes Any combination The sum of dice with the 3 scores (3*4=12)
Fours Any combination The sum of dice with the 4 scores (4*2=8)
Fives Any combination The sum of dice with the 5 scores (5*1=5)
Sixes Any combination The sum of dice with the 6 scores (6*3=18)

If a player scores a total of 63 or more points in these six boxes, a bonus of 35 is added to the upper section score.  On average a player needs three of each to reach 63, but it is not required to get three of each exactly, it is perfectly OK to have five sixes, and zero ones for example, as long as the sum is 63 or more the bonus will be awarded. 

Lower section

The lower section contains a number of poker-themed categories with specific point values:

Categories Descriptions Scores Examples
Three Of A Kind At least three dice the same Sum of all dice scores 17
Four Of A Kind At least four dice the same Sum of all dice scores 24
Full House Three of one number

and two of another

25 scores 25
Small Straight Four sequential dice
(1-2-3-4, 2-3-4-5, or 3-4-5-6)
30 scores 30
Large Straight Five sequential dice
(1-2-3-4-5 or 2-3-4-5-6)
40 scores 40
Yahtzee All five dice the same 50 scores 50
Chance Any combination Sum of all dice scores 13

Small Straight and Large Straight are sometimes called by different names, either Low Straight and High Straight, Short Straight and Long Straight or Little Straight and Big Straight.

If a category is chosen but the dice do not match the requirements of the category the player scores 0 in that category. Some combinations offer the player a choice as to which category to score them under; e.g., a full house could be scored in the Full House, the Three-Of-A-Kind, or the Chance categories. The Chance category is often used for a turn that will not score well in any other category.  (wikipedia)


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