Winx: Bloomix Battle
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Winx: Bloomix Battle


Select different fairy to defend the land of the magical land of Winx .

Travel with the Winx on an adventure to defeat evil fairy tale creatures with their new Bloomix abilities!


Choosing roles

The Winx have different roles. Look at the symbols and consider thoroughly who to pick.


These are the likely meaning of the symbols.

  • Heart: Life. The first stat for everyone, it represents how much health they have before they are defeated.
  • Shield: Defense. The second stat for everyone, it represents how much damage from enemies is reduced.
  • Sword: Attack. The third stat for Defenders, it represents the damage dealt by their melee attack.
  • Sparks: Spell power. The third stat for Warriors, it represents the damage done by their magic projectile.
  • +: Healing ability. The third stat for Healers, it represents how much they can heal other Winx.
  • Flame: Special Ability or Special Move. The fourth stat for everyone, it affects how powerful a Winx’s special ability is (the damage done by Warriors, the defense increased by Defenders and the Health healed by Healers).

Winx’s Roles

At the start, you will pick three of the six Winx, one for each role.

  • Defender: Absorbs a majority of enemy damage.
    • Choose Tecna or Musa.
    • They perform melee attacks that divert attention away from Warriors and Healers, and cast protective spells to reduce damage. Ideally, they should have high defense, but Musa’s low at the start.
  • Warrior: Deals the most damage.
    • Choose Bloom or Aisha.
    • They fire magic projectiles at enemies from a range so that they do not have to take damage from enemies, and cast spells that greatly damage enemies. They have more powerful magic and special abilities than the other Winx. Bloom has extremely powerful magic and special abilities, but low defense, while Aisha is more balanced.
  • Healer: Replenishes your allies’ health.
    • Choose Stella or Flora.
    • They are the only source of healing for the Winx, and will constantly heal a targeted Winx until either of them are defeated or their target is changed. They can heal themselves by targeting themselves. They are completely incapable of attacking. Initially, Stella seems to be clearly superior to Flora as they have near identical stats except for a much higher special ability for Stella, but Flora’s ability is more useful than Stella’s.

If you want to change a character, you can always reset it later, after you’ve picked all three. After sticking with your choice, the remaining¬†are eventually all found throughout the story. (fandom wiki)


Time to fight! Read the instructions carefully:

  • Moving a Winx: Drag them away in a straight line.
  • Attacking: Draw a line from the chosen Winx to the enemy/target. Once it is defeated, you’ll get a coin.
  • Get a Coin: Click the coin.
  • Healing: Draw a line from your healer to another Winx to heal them!
  • Special Move: Click a Winx, then tap the “Special Move” button at the top left side.

Just Have Fun!