Vortex Invader
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Vortex Invader


Vortex Invader is a space invader type game but with a twist, literally , because you’re piloting your spacecraft straight into a spiraling vortex.


  • rocket into the spiraling vortex
  • face and destroy the cosmic horrors living inside it
  • restore peace to the galaxy once and for all


  • movement of your ship is vortex-relative, it helps to stay on the bottom part of the vortex to not make movement confusing
  • try to stay as far away from the vortex as possible
  • try to only move sideways most of the time, sometimes it’s even better to move slowly (by holding fire) or even to not move at all
  • you’ll die a lot, but you have infinite lives, the only punishment is the time delay of your next ship to arrive
  • try to kill the enemies as fast as possible to get further into the vortex

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

z – shoot your weapon, hold for auto-fire and to make your ship move slower. ALSO USED TO START THE GAME.
left/right – move your ship in a circle around the vortex
up/down – get closer into or farther away from the vortex