Vehicle Crash Test
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Vehicle Crash Test

Get ready for a super fun car-smashing adventure! It’s like having your own test ground where you can try out all sorts of cool cars. Crash them, bash them, and see what happens – it’s a wild ride!

In this game, you can play around with gravity and use awesome stuff like barrels, bombs, hammers, and more to make the car go crazy and have epic crashes. The game looks so real with its awesome 3D graphics and has physics that make everything feel just like the real deal.

Feel all the excitement of crashing into different things and watch as cars break apart, just like in real life. The graphics are so cool, it’s like you’re right there on the test ground. Plus, you can choose from four different maps, each with its own cool challenges.

This game is all about having a blast, smashing cars, and letting your imagination run wild with crazy crash tests. It’s a world of destruction and fun – get ready for the ultimate crash test fantasies!

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • TAB – pause
  • L. shift – acceleration
  • R – turn the car over
  • N – change car
  • C – change camera position
  • F2 – machine recovery
  • WASD – vehicle control
  • Space – handbrake