Unpuzzle 2

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Unpuzzle 2

Unpuzzle 2 is a creative, relaxing, and fun puzzle game for all ages to enjoy. Sequel to the first Unpuzzle with 35 more levels to play. Learn how to first few levels. There is no time limits, no penalty for mistakes, and no wrong solution. So just relax, take your time, and try to figure out a solution to each level at your own speed. There are added mechanics later on that provide new ways of thinking about things and challenge for puzzle fans. If you get stuck on a level, simply use the hint button or skip it. Take a break and take another job at it later on.

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.


Drag the squares to detach them.
Click the button at the top to see hidden buttons.
Hooked squares can be moved in one direction.
Throw square towards Blasting block to destroy it.
Connected squares can only be moved together.
Rail squares can only move along the routes.
“Clock hands” rotate when you click corresponding signs (orange/blue/green).

Available on tablet and smartphone: Google Android.