Relaxing Puzzle Match
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Relaxing Puzzle Match

Immerse yourself in the delightful world of Relaxing Puzzle Match, a captivating game that combines puzzle and match-3 mechanics. Experience the vibrant visuals and soothing atmosphere as you solve a variety of puzzles.

Your objective is to clear the field of tiles by strategically arranging them in horizontal or vertical groups. With limited new tiles available, it’s essential to make the most efficient moves possible. Create large combinations by arranging tiles and earn higher scores. The fewer tiles remaining at the end of each level, the greater your score will be.

There are two types of tiles: moving tiles and blocks. Moving tiles are identified by an arrow and come in different colors. Arrange new tiles to form groups of the same color, consisting of three or more tiles, horizontally or vertically. When a group is formed, it will be eliminated, earning you valuable points.

Blocks are marked with a target symbol and can be collected by destroying adjacent moving tile groups.

If you encounter a challenging situation, utilize powerful boosters such as undoing the last move or changing the color of the new tile in the buffer.

With numerous levels of varying difficulty, each level presents unique goals to achieve, such as clearing the entire field, collecting a specific number of tiles of one color, or eliminating all block tiles. Engage your cognitive skills to conquer these intriguing puzzles and collect all the blocks!

Relax and train your brain with Relaxing Puzzle Match, indulging in its

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