Brain Test 4: Tricky Friends
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Brain Test 4: Tricky Friends

Brain Test 4 is back with fresh characters, customizable features, and a plethora of new, challenging puzzles designed to baffle and entertain. As the latest iteration in the series, this game is specifically tailored for veterans of “Brain Test” who crave more intricate and deceptive brain teasers.

In this installment, players will join the Tricky Club, a vibrant group featuring characters like Tricky Lily and Astrodog, each bringing their own unique puzzles to the mix. “Brain Test 4” offers a dynamic and colorful way to engage your mind through a series of thought-provoking challenges that appear simple but are designed to trick and test your cognitive abilities.

The game emphasizes mental exercise in a fun and accessible format, making it suitable for players looking to sharpen their wits and expand their problem-solving skills. With a robust hint system in place, even the most difficult puzzles become approachable, ensuring a satisfying but challenging experience. Whether you’re in for a quick brain workout or a prolonged puzzle-solving session, “Brain Test 4” stands out as a top contender for your attention, offering both offline playability and endless enjoyment.

Made by Unico Studio.

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