UNO Online Multiplayer
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UNO Online Multiplayer


UNO card online game against computer AI or real people from all over the world.

In Uno Four Colors, you goal is to match cards by color or number and be the first to get rid of them.

Action cards add a little twist to the game.

-Draw two forces player to pick two cards and forfeit the turn.

-Skip card stops the next player. Reverse card switches the game wise.

-The wild card can be places on any card at any time to allow you to change the color.

-The wild draw four is a special that allow you to change the color and forces the next player to pick 4 cards. To use this card you must have no other alternative cards to play.

Do not forget to press the 1 button when you have only one card left in your deck or you’ll pick 2 penalty cards.

Just Have Fun!

UNO Online Multiplayer is a online Board Game you can play for free in full screen at KBH Games. UNO Online Multiplayer is also HTML5 games that be played on a mobile phone, tablet, and computer. Easily play UNO Online Multiplayer on the web browser without downloading. Hope the game will bring a little joy into your daily life.