Tree Fender


Tree Fender

Defend the Sacred Trees from hordes of Mad Golems!

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.


Click to move.

Pass through Golems and you will automatically attack and destroy them.

Use the buttons Q,W and E to place down the 3 different defences (More info about those in the in-game tutorial).

You can only lay defences if you have enough Energy. You gain Energy by destroying Golems with your sword. The Energy bar is displayed in the top left.


You gain XP by defeating Golems. Use the XP on the menu to upgrade your abilities.

Destroy multiple Golems in a single slash for more XP (this requires you to upgrade your Slash Power).

Destroying Golems that are frozen gives more XP.

Destorying Golems that are attacking a Fake Tree gives more XP.

Allowing your Magic Missile Towers to destroy Golems gives you 25XP, but it wont increase your Energy.

The bar in the top right shows your progress through the level.

Be careful not to try and pass throu