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A randomly generated dungeon crawler made on the Gameboy system that is both visually engaging and excellent gameplay.


A deadly famine broke out in an ancient kingdom. Wells dried up, livestock died, and the earth turned as deadly as the plague itself. Whispers spread stories about an ancient evil reawakening in the mountains looking down upon the kingdom. An ancient evil who knew only war and famine. But who shall be so brave, so insane, so vain, as to try and best the creatures that live beyond for glory and adulation?


Download and Donate:

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Any and all donations are greatly appreciated, and if you want to support and get some extras, the Deluxe edition contains the dungeon room images as well as the intro, as well as some of the cover art. The goal would be to use the funds in order to get a custom, metal enough to feel right, soundtrack to the game commissioned, as well as working on an additional “Forest of Death” expansion to the game.


Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • A button -> Z
  • B button -> X
  • Start -> Enter
  • When in any room, you may press the Start button to bring up the menu, showing your health status, as well as vitality. You must eat food to maintain Vitality high. When depleted, Health will start decreasing. Most enemies Attack your health, but some drain your vitality as their attack of choice.
  • Bandages: Heal your Health
  • Food: Heals your Vitality

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