Think To Die

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Think To Die

As the name suggest “Think To Die” is a game that you have to find a way to die. To do so, you have to master different situations, combine objects, and time your actions.

  • Over 135 levels
  • Happy, not distracting background music
  • Option to enable/disable Cartoon-Look
  • From very easy to very hard levels!
  • New and original game idea
  • Fast gameplay
  • Auto Save
  • Option to skip any level you want
  • No paid DLCs
  • Single-Player only
  • 100% playable offline
  • Multiple music tracks to prevent boring repetitions

This game can be played for free, although you can pay a little amount to support the game. Please consider making a small donation in order to keep this game free for everyone. Thank you!

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.


Download the zipped file above. Use an unzip software to extract the file. Open the .exe file to start playing.