No One Has to Die
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No One Has to Die


4 people are trapped in a building fire and need your help to escape.

No-One Has to Die is a turn-based puzzle HTML5 visual novel by Stuart Madafiglio

In each level, you’ll be presented with a grid floor plan of people, locations, and switches that can be interacted with, and fire that spreads every turn. Click the arrows to move people, and the arrow in the upper left to advance a turn. When a person is next to a switch, they can turn it on or off. When the switch is on, water will come from the faucet icon, spreading each turn it is on, preventing the spread of fire. People standing on squares filled with water or fire will die. There are doors that, when locked, will prevent the spread of fire or water. However, one door can be remotely locked on each level. The level is completed once the progress of both fire and water is halted. Most levels will require the sacrifice of one or more people to continue. Depending on your choices, new aspects of the plot will be revealed in each play through, though the menu screen will allow you to restart from different branches of the story.

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