The Visitor Returns
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Disclaimer: This game contains cartoon GORE.

The Visitor Returns


Welcome to the chilling return of “The Visitor,” where extraterrestrial horror meets puzzle-solving mayhem! In this science fiction horror installment, the Visitor is back with a vengeance, ready to wreak havoc and conquer Earth. This time, the unsettling action unfolds on a seemingly tranquil campground, turning it into a breeding ground for the alien’s insatiable appetite.

Your mission is clear: assist the alien in consuming all living organisms and absorbing their vital juices to grow larger and more powerful. Click your way through the various items on the screen, solving puzzles to unlock new opportunities for the Visitor to devour and evolve. As the alien feasts, witness its transformation into a formidable force, hungry for domination.

The campground becomes the stage for a gruesome yet intriguing spectacle, with the Visitor devouring everything in its path. Your strategic clicks and puzzle-solving skills play a pivotal role in guiding the alien through a series of grotesque encounters, ensuring its survival and ascent to dominance.

Navigate the challenges of the game by orchestrating a sequence of actions. Perhaps you need to cleverly manipulate the surroundings to make the dog leave before engaging with the unsuspecting camper. The choices you make will determine the alien’s success in its parasitic endeavors.

Prepare for a chilling adventure where every click counts, and the fate of the campground lies in your hands. Can you guide the Visitor to devour and conquer with ruthless efficiency? The Grande Bouffe awaits, and the alien’s insatiable appetite is ready to be sated once again. Enter if you dare, and let the horror unfold!

The Visitor Returns is a flash game made in 2011. Now it is playable again online, also playable on mobile and tablet devices.

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