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Alien Hominid Gameboy


Alien Hominid is an action-packed run-and-gun video game that first captured players’ attention as a Flash game on Newgrounds. Developed by The Behemoth, co-founded by Newgrounds creator Tom Fulp and artist Dan Paladin, the game debuted on August 7, 2002, and quickly became known for its challenging gameplay and distinctive, cartoonish art style. Following its initial success online, Alien Hominid has been expanded and re-released on multiple platforms, evolving significantly with each iteration.

Alien Hominid is renowned for its fast-paced, side-scrolling shooter action reminiscent of games like Metal Slug. Players control the titular alien using a blaster to fend off waves of secret agents. The gameplay is notoriously challenging, with one-hit kills that demand precision and quick reflexes. Players can engage in melee attacks, use grenades, and employ advanced tactics like rolling under shots, jumping on and decapitating enemies, and burrowing underground to ambush foes.

The game is also known for its humorous elements and extensive use of power-ups that enhance the alien’s weaponry, provide shields, or grant new abilities. Vehicle sequences—including driving cars, riding a Yeti, and piloting a UFO—add variety and excitement to the gameplay.

You can also play the online flash remake of Alien Hominid and Alien Hominid Xtreme

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