The Green Legion

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The Green Legion

The Green Legion is a pixelated arcade shoot em up with randomly generated enemies, mini-bosses and end-level bosses with every replay.

Each time you hit the enemy with a bullet equals more additional experience points that’ll make your shop more powerful. Experience can be used to increased bullet shooting rate or increased power attack and lower cool-downs and extra ship life.

There is a total of 10 different levels that increase in difficulty.

How to Play:

Move your main ship around with the arrow keys.
Shoot with .
Holding makes your ship go slower.
Once you level up and gain extra ships you can do a power attack with .
Power attacks deal a lot of damage and clears all enemy bullets but it takes a while for the extra ship to cool-down and be useful again.
Extra ships follow you around shooting forward.
If your main ship gets destroyed, the next extra ship becomes your new main ship in its place.
In short the extra ships are: lives, bombs and helpers in one.