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“Tetrisweeper” is an innovative game that ingeniously combines the mechanics of “Minesweeper” and “Tetris,” two of the most iconic puzzle games. This unique hybrid tests both your puzzle-solving skills and quick reflexes, creating a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience.

Gameplay Mechanics

  • As in Tetris, different shaped blocks known as tetrominos fall from the top of the screen. Each block is made up of four squares, and your task is to manipulate these blocks as they fall, rotating and positioning them to create complete rows at the bottom of the screen.
  • Each square in the tetrominos functions similarly to a tile in Minesweeper. This means some squares will contain mines. The catch? You won’t know which squares are mined until you place the tetromino.
  • Your objective is to fill rows completely without detonating any mines. Complete and mine-free rows will clear from the board, giving you more room to maneuver subsequent tetrominos.

Strategic Depth

  • To aid in your mine detection, numbers appear on the squares once a tetromino is placed. These numbers tell you how many of the adjacent squares contain mines, a la Minesweeper. Use this information to deduce where mines are likely located and flag them.
  • Flagging works just like in Minesweeper: right-click on a suspected mine square to place a flag. If you correctly flag all mines in a row and complete it with tetrominos, that row will clear.
  • The game ends when a mine is inadvertently revealed through placement or if the stack of tetrominos reaches the top of the playfield.

Types of Lines and How to Get Them

  • Line Filled is when you fill a line with tiles, just like in normal Tetris
  • Tetris is when you fill four lines at once
  • T-Spin is when you fill a line by twisting a T tetromino into a tight space
  • Line Cleared is when you solve the minesweeper puzzle on a filled line, and cause it to be removed
  • Linesweep is when you clear a line that you just filled, before the next tetromino locks into place
  • Tetrisweep is when you clear all 4 lines in a 4-line tetris you just filled, before the next tetromino locks into place
  • T-Spinsweep is when you score a T-spin and clear every line that the T tetromino filled, before the next tetromino locks into place
  • Perfect Clear is when you clear the whole playfield without leaving any tiles behind.

Scoring: A spreadsheet of all points and multiplier rewards can be found Here.


Made by @KertisJones

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Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • Tetris:
    • Move – Left/Right, A/D
    • Rotate Clockwise – Up, W, X, E
    • Rotate Counter-Clockwise – Ctrl, Z, Q
    • Soft Drop – Down, S
    • Hard Drop – Space, Enter
    • Hold – Shift, C, H
    • Pause – Escape
    • Restart – F5
  • Minesweeper:
    • Reveal – Left Click
    • Flag – Right Click
    • Question – Middle Click
    • Chord – Left and Right Click, Middle Click