Territory WAR
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Territory WAR


Engage in the captivating world of Territory War, where you take charge of a dynamic team of stick-figure soldiers embroiled in thrilling turn-based battles. Immerse yourself in a blend of strategy and entertainment, navigating diverse environments that serve as the backdrop for your stickmen’s movements and clashes. From customizing your team’s name to meticulously selecting actions for each soldier, every decision contributes to the unfolding adventure.

As the strategic mastermind, your primary objective is to guide your team to triumph. In each encounter, you’ll grapple with the challenge of devising optimal soldier placements, deciding when and where to launch attacks with precision weaponry, and employing cunning tactics to outwit the opposing team. Territory War is a crucible of shrewd planning and rapid decision-making, where each calculated move plays a pivotal role in the relentless pursuit of victory. Face the test of wit and skill as you navigate the battlefield and lead your stick-figure warriors to glory.

Territory WAR is a flash game made in 2006 by XGen Studios. Now it is playable again online.

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How to Play:

Turn-based stick figure strategy game – see in-game help for complete instructions.