Tactical Retreat

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Tactical Retreat

Tactical Retreat is a survival shooter where you must defend against waves of monsters approaching you from the darkness.

There is a story line and the creatures that attack you get tougher and bigger as it goes on so you have to upgrade or die.

Storyline: Rumours of a mad scientist named Dr. Wesensten were recently solidified by our agents and a small team of soldiers were deployed to investigate further. As one of the elite soldiers you entered the castle to find its interior stripped out and replaced by scientific equipments, storage areas and mutated specimens from all species of the animal kingdom…and some not of this world. As you and your squad separated to search more efficiently a massive explosion rocked the building. And you lost contact with your squad mates. You are myself will you be able to survive?

Every so often you back off to reveal a new scene and possibly new enemies!

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.

How to Play:

Read in-game instruction.