SuperMarket Store Simulator
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SuperMarket Store Simulator


SuperMarket Store Simulator is an engaging 3D simulation game that puts you in charge of your very own supermarket. Step into the role of a store manager and use your strategic skills to build the best shopping destination in town.

Gameplay and Features

  • Store Setup: Start by physically stocking and organizing shelves with various products. Customize the layout and decor of your store to create a welcoming shopping environment.
  • Customer Interaction: Engage with customers by setting prices, responding to their needs, and ensuring their satisfaction to build a loyal customer base.
  • Store Management: Manage day-to-day operations by handling payments through cash or credit card transactions. Operate the cash register to provide correct change and maintain financial accuracy.
  • Expansion and Upgrades: As your store becomes more successful, expand it into a full-scale supermarket. Customize and enhance your store‚Äôs offerings and aesthetic to attract more shoppers.
  • Hiring Staff: Recruit and manage a team of employees to help run the store efficiently. Assign tasks to maximize productivity and profits.
  • Product Variety: Unlock a wide range of products to sell, from staples like bread and milk to more specialized items. Each level up unlocks new products, enhancing your store’s appeal.

The game offers a realistic supermarket management experience, from the detailed interactions at the checkout counter to the strategic decisions in store layout and staff management. Perfect for players who enjoy depth, customization, and direct interaction in simulation games, “SuperMarket Store Simulator” challenges you to think both creatively and analytically to build a thriving retail business.

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