Supermarket Simulator
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Supermarket Simulator


“SuperMarket Simulator” is an immersive shopping and grocery store simulation game that offers players a realistic glimpse into the life of a supermarket salesman. In this game, players start their journey as a store employee, tasked with managing a range of responsibilities from stocking shelves to assisting customers and handling sales.

The primary goal is to efficiently serve customers and manage store operations to maximize sales and earn money. As players progress, they accumulate earnings that can be spent in various ways. One of the unique aspects of “Simulator Seller’s Life” is the ability to use the money earned at the supermarket job to purchase goods in an online store within the game.

This feature adds an additional layer of gameplay, allowing players to experience both sides of consumer interaction: selling and buying. Players can buy a wide array of items online, from personal upgrades to enhancements that improve their efficiency and effectiveness at their supermarket job.

The game is designed to simulate the day-to-day activities of a retail environment, providing challenges such as inventory management, customer service, and financial decisions. It encourages strategic thinking and time management skills, making it not only entertaining but also educational.

Whether you’re interested in the nuances of retail operations or enjoy the strategy behind running a successful store, “Simulator Seller’s Life” offers a comprehensive and engaging experience that captures the essence of a salesman’s journey in the retail world.

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • PC:
    • W,A,S,D – walk
    • E – interaction
    • Tab – menu
  • Control on a mobile device: touch on the game touch buttons.