Store Simulator
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Store Simulator

“Store Simulator” is an engaging simulation game that lets you dive deep into the world of retail management. Your mission is to transform a small store into the best supermarket in town using your management skills.

Start by stocking the shelves with a variety of products like bread, milk, butter, and cola. You’ll get to arrange and decorate the store just the way you like it, creating a welcoming atmosphere for your customers. As you interact with customers, you’ll set prices, discover what products they’re searching for, and ensure their shopping experience is top-notch.

As you progress, you have the opportunity to expand and customize your store. Transform it into a bustling supermarket, give it a unique name, and watch it come to life in realistic 3D graphics. You’ll handle transactions at the cash register, making payments by credit card or cash and giving back the correct change.

To help manage the increasing flow of customers and products, hire employees who can assist in maximizing daily profits and enhancing customer satisfaction. Keep upgrading your store and unlock new items as you reach higher levels.

“Store Simulator” offers a dynamic and detailed experience of running a supermarket where every decision impacts your success. Manage wisely, serve customers diligently, and build the supermarket of your dreams!

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