Mario Kart: Epic Racers
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Mario Kart: Epic Racers


Epic Racers gives you the change to relive the classic Mario Kart experience in a completely fresh way. It’s like you are playing the game for the first time again!

So, there you have it. 17 years later, Epic Racers is finally, proudly, presented to the world. Hopefully you’ll enjoy all the work and love that went into this mod!


  • 20 brand new race tracks, with unique gameplay elements!
  • 4 brand new battle arena’s!
  • 8 new drivers are ready to start their engines!
  • New points system. Every position receives points!
  • New items and probability sets!
  • New course themes!
  • New objects!
  • New items!
  • New title screen!
  • New character selection screen!
  • Always continue to the next race in GP mode, regardless of your position!
  • Play the special cup in 50cc!
  • And a whole lot more!

Super Mario Kart – Epic Racers brings you a whole new roster of drivers. Will you choose the agile Impala? Or are you preferring the brute force of Troll?

Each driver has his own set of characteristics and items. Try them all to suit your driving style!

So, you know all those classic Mario Kart tracks by heart? Then see if you can beat these new tracks! All tracks in Epic Racers are build from the ground up. The A.I. is meticulously tested to work in these new environments. And do you enjoy multiplayer battle mode? We’ve got you covered with 4 new Battle arena’s!

The one and only man of the ages. The oldest guy in the room is going to teach those youngsters how to drive!
In spite of his holy status, Jesus is just your average Joe when driving. Pick him when you need a balanced choice.

Her background is a mystery to all the drivers in the field. Her classy car gives her a head start. Beware of the mysterious pills she throws around. They say you won’t feel the same when you touch them…
Camy is a quick starter, but as a payoff her overall speed is severely limited. She is a good choice if you expect to
use the brakes a lot.

Straight from Russia with love. It’s Don Miguel, famous for his RPG Maker 95 / 2K translations in the past. He’s a force
to be reckoned with, as he will knock you sideways whenever he gets the chance. When you need absolute top speed, then Don is your choice.

The man from Japan enters the driveway on his speedy motorbike! This versatile guy is capable of securing a last minute victory. So, pay close attention when he appears in your rear view mirror. One moment of inattention might be fatal. This driver is a really solid choice when you are looking for a good combination of top speed, acceleration and grip.

This dark god has some tricks up his sleeve. Loki is all about chaos, so he feels right at home in the battle of Epic Racers!
Being the dark mirror image of Jesus, Loki is just as balanced.

Ok! The Impala likes to play around on the Savanna! This playful creature is all over the place. Watch out for
the spikey balls he throws around. You won’t be the first one to ruin your tires on his thorny surprise! Just as Camy, Impala has a high acceleration and low top speed.

He’s dirty and reeks of swamp gasses. It’s better to stay far away from this monster. And even then, he will try to hit you with things better not discussed.
Troll is a racing monster. So for top speed, he is a good choice.

Back from the future. It’s Stifu in his futuristic SSF pod. His smart driving makes him often the first guy to pass the finish line.
Stifu has a well-balanced combination of top speed and acceleration, combined with excellent grip.

Impala Savanna
The yellow fields of the Savanna. Home to the Impala. Watch out for the Meerkats grabbing you!

SSF Pod Park
This is Stifu’s home turf. In this futuristic city you might want to park your vehicle and take in the fascinating surroundings. Fun fact: SSF stands for Stifu’s Special Forces, an extensive RPG Stifu used to work on.

Mount Fuji
Sasori gets all warm and fuzzy feelings when driving around his home country. Don’t get too relaxed however. You wouldn’t want to bump into an antique lantern!

Fishy Beach
At sunset you might spot Camy at this mesmerizing beach. Though, contrary to a popular saying, fish are not friends here!

Lucid Dream
Loki’s twisted mind is better left unexplored. Be very careful while driving in his Lucid Dream.
Dark pitfalls are everywhere, and other strange things might happen. But those are better left untold…

Mother Russia
Ah! Don welcomes you in his freezing climate. Slip past your opponents, but try not to drawn in the deep cold water. And what’s that on the horizon?

Troll Swamp
Stinky and dirty. The Troll Swamp isn’t an enjoyable location. Technical driving is key on this track, as a minor error might get you stuck in the mud.

Holy Skyroad
Jesus invites you up in heaven. Drive with your head in the clouds and enjoy the view from above!
Although generally considered a good sign, the angels on this track are bad news…

Epic Battle 1
Battle it out at the foot of Fuji Mountain! This course consists of islands, connected with bridges. Will you become the champion of Japan?

Epic Battle 2
In this futuristic setting it’s your choice to make. Choose the highway or fight it out in the sand! Clever usage of jumps is key on this track.

Epic Battle 3
You’d rather like the cold? Take your battle to Mother Russia! One-way jumps make for a tricky environment. Can you reign victorious on this slippery plain?

Epic Battle 4
The Impala Savanna is the decor of our last battle. Grab an item and head for a small arena to fight your opponent. Be warned though, your rival might await you there…armed and dangerous!

– Spiked Disc (Gray): Throw it in a straight line towards your opponent to stop him temporarily in his tracks.
– Spiked Disc (Yellow): Fully automatic opponent targeting.
– Magic Bottle: You become invincible, no driver or object can stop you!
– Lightning Sword: Everyone shrinks! No opponent is save when you have this weapon at your disposal!
– Silver Coins: Collect at least 10 to reach top speed.
– Spring: Jump high over any object or pit to use short cuts.
– Whirlwind: A short speed boost might give you the advantage at the right time.
– Dung: No one likes to slip on this dirty thing. Make your opponents slip and shiver.
– Hand: Steal your opponent’s item in Battle Mode.

ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Ok Impala!DesignTrack Design and Hex Editing
StifuGraphicsGraphic Design and Hex Editing
smkdanHackingASM Modifications

Just Have Fun!

How to Play

Player 1 (Default Mapping)
Inside The Game Your Keyboard
A, B, X, Y Button =[J], [K], [I], [L]
L, R Button =[U], [O]
PLAY, SELECT =[Enter], [Space-Bar]

How to Save: Hover over the game canvas. A save button will appear at the top of the game screen. When you click "Save" button, the save code (spot) will be saved onto your browser's storage system automatically.

How to Load: Come back anytime in the future, simply click "Load" to resume from your latest save spot. (Assuming you did not clear your browser' data.

CAUTION:: Browser's private mode WILL NOT retain your save state, because save state is deleted once the browser is closed, so don't use private mode if you want to use the save state.

Recommended Browser: Chrome