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Super Crime Steel War Hero Iron Flying Mech Robot

A fun city simulator in third person view where you control a robotic suit like what Iron Man uses.

Explore the big open city. Do whatever you want with your amazing robotic suit with amazing fire power.

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.


WASD or arrow keys: move
T: open nearby garage
E: start to fly
C: fly down
Right click: laser
Left click: shoot or punch
Space bar: jump or fly up
Left shift: run
X: switch weapon
F: open car
R: open nearby shop
G: grenade
Z: switch grenade
C: switch vehicle camera

Garbage truck controls

Pitchfork up: Z
Pitchfork down: X
Dump start: Q
Dump end: E
Lift container: space

Available on tablet and smartphone: Google Android.