SpaceMan 8
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SpaceMan 8

Don the helmet of Spaceman 8 and mine the labyrinthine of icy space rocks for gems and haul them back to company collectors. The oxygen supply is scarce and depleting fast, so you have to keep your visits brief. Luckily, your trusty hummingbird-class jetpack is highly maneuverable and will get you to the exit quickly.

Use the hard-earned credits to upgrade your gear in the shop at the end of each day. How much can you earn in a week? Will you even survive or will greed get the best of you? Only one way to find out!


Code & Design by @kometbomb
Graphics & Sound by @iLKke

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

Z = Hold to drop gem, tap once to switch compass modes(*)
X = Use sonar(*)