Soul Mirror

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Soul Mirror

Enter a mystical mirror realm and prove yourself worthy by facing the many platforming challenges and puzzles lying ahead.

It is said that somewhere in the world, there exists a very mysterious mirror. It is also said that the power of this mirror was so great, that it had to be hidden, somewhere deep in a cave. The horrifying rumors tell that those who find it, will have their soul shattered into pieces.

One day, one courageous adventurer locates the resting place of the Soul Mirror.

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.


Soul Mirror was developed by Casper van Dommelen.


How to Play:

– Left and right arrows/A and D: Move
– Up/W/Z/K/Space: Jump
– Shift: Switch
– P: Pause
– M: Mute
– X: Proceed textbox, skip some cutscenes