Amidst the Sky


Amidst the Sky

Get ready to embark on an amazing and mysterious adventure up above in a floating sky island.

Swim through white fluffy clouds, soar along wind currents at great speed and jump over floating rocks as you explore the massive, abandoned world.

Explore and discover the ancient ruins hidden among the clouds. What secrets could these long-forgotten relics of the past hold?

Developed by Casper Van Dommelen. Music by TeknoAxe.

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.


– Arrow keys/WASD: Move/jump/interact
– P: Pause game
– M: Mute sound
– Shift/K: Unlockable item 1 (G and V also work)
– C/J/ALT: Unlockable item 2 (F and CTRL also work)