Soak ‘Em Out
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Soak ‘Em Out


Soak ‘Em Out is a cute little arcade game heavily inspired by the Game & Watch Gallery series where you play as Tin, a cat waiting for bus on a rainy day, the goal is to stay dry using your umbrella as long as you can.

Game is adorable. Graphic is pixelated giving it a retro feel to it.


Made by CruiseElroy

A Ludum Dare 50 submission.

Check out the submission here, vote for it if you enjoy the game.

Source code on Google Drive

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

Move: WASD or Arrow Keys

Toggle Umbrella Position: Space Bar, Z, or X


  • Deflect droplets to delay the storm. If a droplet hits the ground, the precipitation meter will fill up faster.
  • Waterfalls cannot be blocked by any means. They have to be avoided.
  • After certain point thresholds, a sunflower seed will appear. Get it to the pot and something good will happen!