Greet ’em and Seat ’em
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Greet ’em and Seat ’em


Welcome to the game of charis!

You are an ambitious business owner form Philadelphia, PA who has decided that making chairs for a living is not enough. With smarts like yours, you could have been a famous doctor or lawyer, so instead you’ve decided it’s time to run for mayor and see where it takes you!

In this old-school casual game that hearkens back to the consoles of the 1980s, you play the role of a mayoral candidate trying to win over his audience by providing them with seating.

As such, you control this character’s left and right movements, bringing chairs to potential supporters as they descend from the doorways near the top of the scene.

To progress, you generate “rapport” by shaking hands with seated supporters… if you have time to! As you advance in the game, the story of your glorious political career unfolds, taking you from the humble title of Mayor of Philadelphia to international leadership!

Just Have Fun!