Smash and Blast Baseball 2
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Smash and Blast Baseball 2

Play the sequel to ESPN Arcade’s free online smash hit baseball game – Smash and Blast Baseball 2! Hit destructive home runs and gather all the stars!

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

– Click screen to trigger the first pitch.
– An “indicator” will appear, where the pitch is about to be thrown.
– Left click on the indicator and keep the mouse button held down and at the same time drag the mouse down. Release the button to initiate the swing.
– The spot clicked on the indicator represents lift on the ball. Clicking on the bottom part of the ball give more lift, clicking higher gives less lift.
– The distance the arrow is pulled down represents the power of the swing. Drag it until the arrow stops for full power.
– Drag the arrow to the left or right to influence direction.
– Achieve the goals for all 11 missions, being sure to collect all threee stars per level!
– Aim for the targets to collect as many point as possible per level.