Shadow Over the Twelve Lands
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Shadow Over the Twelve Lands

Go on a quest with Alex and Leon to save the world from the evil, perhaps you’ll become heroes or die miserably in your first battle. Who knows? Only one way to find out.

Start the game at the shores of Riverside with almost nothing. Gather resources as you explore the world.

Turn-based gameplay, so think things through and come up with a strategy when you go to battle.


  •  To interact with things, just walk into them (huts, fountains, doors, etc, etc).
  •  To rest, use food rations: press Z to open menu, select ITEMS, select the food ration, press Z and select USE.
  •  Always carry plenty of food. Buy them in General Stores.
  •  Always carry plenty of torches to light dark caves and dungeons. Also found in General Stores.
  •  Upgrade equipment! You won’t go very far with just a dagger and no armor.
  •  Save at every opportunity. Fountains and inns allow you to save.
  •  Beware of unidentified items. They may be cursed, explode, release poison gas, and all sorts of other bad effects. Plus, if you equip a cursed item, you won’t be able to remove it.
  •  When you get enough XP, go to a town to train to level up. You will know you have enough XP because the XP meter on the bottom right will be highlighted with an up arrow.

Developed by BTCO.

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

arrow keys: move
[Z]: menu / confirm
[X]: cancel / close
At any time while adventuring you can bring up the game menu by pressing [Z] to allow you to: rest, cast spell, manage inventory and see detailed party info.