Rubicon Runner
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Rubicon Runner


“Rubicon Runner” thrusts players into a thrilling universe of high-octane movement, where agility, strategic thinking, and quick reflexes are paramount. As you navigate through a dynamic landscape filled with trucks, cars, and an array of obstacles, your objective is clear: collect bonuses and evade obstacles to showcase your unparalleled skills and elude capture.

With a passion for defying gravity and a penchant for dashing across moving vehicles and objects, your character embodies the epitome of speed and agility. Can you outsmart your pursuers and prove yourself as the ultimate escape artist?

In “Rubicon Runner,” success hinges on your ability to seize opportunities and utilize various bonuses strategically. Keep an eye out for coins, which unlock access to unique bonuses that can aid your escape. The magnet bonus allows for instant collection of all treasures in your vicinity, while the jetpack provides swift movement, enabling you to outpace your adversaries. And when all seems lost, the cool skateboard offers a second chance at evading capture, giving you the edge you need to stay ahead of the game.


Rubicon Runner is developed by Rubicon.

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