Retro Space Ball

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Retro Space Ball

A combination of a vertical shooter with pinball, shoot or hit the giant ball upward with your spaceship.

The goal is to get the orb to the top!

The player has a cyan shield that can be taken by enemies and their shots.

The orb has an energy level that is depleted by enemy shots and increased by player shots. If the orb runs out of energy, it dies, and so does the player. (a blinking red-orange orb has low energy, a blue orb has high energy)

If the orb falls to the bottom of the level, it is game over.

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As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.

How to Play:

(W) or (Up Arrow) : Fire (hold for continuous)

(A) or (Left Arrow) : Move Ship Left

(D) or (Right Arrow) : Move Ship Right

Holding (Spacebar) while moving left or right will allow you to dash .

Esc key to pause & access options (back button (right bottom button) on android)