Project Knockback
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Project Knockback


Project Knockback is an action-packed stickman fighting game that thrives on wild, physics-based combat. Players can punch, kick, and throw their way through battles, experiencing the chaos of exaggerated physics in every move and impact.

This game elevates the traditional fighting game formula by incorporating dynamic physics that affect every aspect of the combat. Whether you’re sending opponents flying through the air with a powerful kick or cleverly using the environment to your advantage, “Project Knockback” ensures that no two fights are ever the same.

Prepare to engage in intense and hilarious battles where strategy merges with unpredictability. “Project Knockback” is designed for those who love action and enjoy a good laugh, making it a standout in the genre of stickman fighting games.

Currently a demo, Check out for updates and other stuff.

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • A: Move Left
  • D: Move Right
  • F: Kick
  • Spacebar: jump
  • Left Mouse: To punch (Hold for extra power)
  • Right Mouse: Grab