Pirateers 2
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Pirateers 2


Become a pirate captain, get your comrades and set sail to being your journey to hunt for the legendary treasure. Do what pirates do, rob merchants and battle royal navy, sea monster, and of course other pirates. Customize and upgrade your ship to be faster, stronger and fiercer. Loot and plunder your way to fame and fortune and become the most wanted pirate.

How to Play:

Mouse Control
– Left click to steer ship
– Right click to shoot
(Go to the options menu to swap the left click and right click functions)

– [A,D] or [Left,Right] to turn
– [W,S] or [Up,Down] to adjust speed
– [Space] bar to shoot
– [Tab] key to switch weapons
– [Shift] or [M] to open minimap
– [Z,X,C] to start quest
– [`] to cancel quest
– [1,2,3] to activate crew’s abilities

You can enable/disable tutorial in the options menu.