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Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom is a retro medieval fantasy adventure game. It is a epic story that’ll take have you control over three generation of characters. The main character will be given the chance to marry one of two women in his life that he met during his travels. Help him make the decision, get married, and have the next generation of children as the lead character.

Story: It’s been a millennium since Laya’s hordes battled Orakio’s cyborg armies. And civilized man was almost destroyed. But the Dark Forces still remain. Embark on a journey so vast, it spans the lives of three generations. Begin with Maia, spirited away by a winged dragon on your wedding day. Experience one of the four endings that will surprise new and former Phantasy Star players alike.

There will be many characters you’ll encounter throughout your journey.


First generation

Rhys (Kein in the Japanese version) – the game’s first playable character. He is the prince of the Orakian kingdom of Landen whose quest begins as he seeks to rescue Maia, his bride-to-be, after she is kidnapped by a Layan dragon. Rhys fights with swords, knives, or needlers. Due to his full-blooded Orakian heritage, he cannot use techniques.

Lyle is a mysterious man who joins Rhys to repair the weather-control system on Aridia, but seems to have his own separate agenda. Lyle fights with twin staffs, but can also use techniques: it is later revealed that he is the prince of a Layan kingdom.

Mieu is a combat android designated for close-quarters fighting, overwhelming her opponents with her lightning-fast reflexes and deadly claws. She waited by a lake for 1,000 years in anticipation of “a descendant of Orakio” to command her. Despite being neither Layan nor Orakian, she is capable of using techniques. The full extent of her functions is a mystery. She remains a playable character through all three generations.

Wren (Searren in the Japanese version) is an android who specializes in managing and analyzing technical systems. In combat, he uses various large firearms. He is also capable of using techniques. He joins Rhys in order to help him fix the weather system and thus thaw out the entrance to the world of Aquatica. He, along with Mieu, is one of the two characters who stay on through all subsequent generations.

Lena is the young princess of Satera, an Orakian kingdom west of Landen. She first appears to help Rhys escape from the dungeon, where he was thrown by his father to prevent him from starting a war with the Layans. She becomes a permanent member of Rhys’ team towards the end of his quest. As a pure-blooded Orakian, she fights with knives and needles and cannot use techniques.

Maia (Marlena in the Japanese version) is the mysterious woman who washes up on the shores of Landen without her memory and gets taken in by the royal family, where she falls in love with Rhys and eventually becomes engaged to him. Her kidnapping sets the game’s story into motion.

Second generation

Ayn (the main character if Rhys marries Maia) is the heir to the throne of Cille. But as his father sends him with Mieu and Wren to find Satellite, a haven of eternal peace, cyborgs begin to assault their kingdom, and the royal family and the inhabitants flee. Ayn is thus asked to find the lunar utopia, Azura, to save his family. Ayn inherits sword fighting ability from his father, Rhys, and the use of techniques from his mother, Maia.

Thea (Lann in the Japanese version) is Lyle’s daughter and the princess of Shusoran. As the cyborgs attacked the city, they kidnapped and imprisoned her in the dungeon of Lensol. Once Ayn rescues her, she becomes a valuable ally, using twin slicers and various techniques.

Sari (Lynn in the Japanese version) is Lena’s daughter and the ruler of Landen and Satera. Just like her mother, she is a pure Orakian, meaning she fights with knives and needlers and cannot use techniques. Although her first encounter with Ayn is as an enemy, she eventually joins him on his quest.

Nial (Lane in the Japanese version) is the main character if Rhys marries Lena, is the prince of the kingdoms of Landen and Satera. When unknown monsters invaded the kingdom of Satera, slaying Lena’s father, King Rhys sends Nial, along with Wren and Mieu, to investigate. It turns out to be an assault by a Layan general named Lune, who has launched a full-scale assault on all Orakians. Like his father, he can use swords, knives, and needlers, but cannot use techniques.

Ryan is the leader of the defensive line against Lune, despite being a Layan. He originally believes Nial to be an ally of Lune, but after the Layan general shows up to taunt them, he realizes that both Nial and him possess the same goal and joins Nial’s party.

Laya (Laia in the Japanese version), is the younger sister of the legendary figure of the same name and the queen of the Kingdom of Mystoke. After Nial awakens her from a thousand-year cryogenic sleep, she joins him in the hopes of finding out what became of her sister, who she remembers leaving with a warrior carrying a black sword. She is an expert technique-user and wields the same bow her older sister once used. If the player follows the path of Ayn or Aron, Laya joins the party in the third generation.

Alair (Luise in the Japanese version) is Lune’s sister who awoke with him from cryogenic sleep. During Lune’s assault on the Orakian kingdoms, the kingdom of Divisia captured and imprisoned her. After being rescued by Nial, she immediately left to persuade Lune to stop his rampage.

Third generation

Sean, the main character if Ayn marries Thea, is the Prince of Azura who lives on the moon with his parents until the satellite is attacked by Siren and collapses. Sean escapes with Mieu and Wren and embarks on a quest to stop Siren and save his people. Being 3/4 Layan, he lacks the physical powers of the other scions, but trades it for high technique proficiency.

Crys (Noin in the Japanese version) is the main character if Ayn marries Sari. He lives in Landen until it is discovered that the world has suddenly shifted off course and is heading directly towards a nearby sun. His quest is to determine a way to restore the planet to its normal path and save his people from certain destruction. Crys is physically the strongest of the third-generation scions due to being 3/4 Orakian but, as a result, knows few techniques and has no healing powers.

Aron (Ruin in the Japanese version) is the main character if Nial marries Alair. He lives on the satellite Dahlia with his parents, his uncle Lune, and his cousin Kara. At the beginning of his quest, his people come into contact with a ship called the Neo Palm, but witness its destruction at the hands of unknown forces. He leaves the satellite with Kara, Mieu and Wren to investigate the mysterious attack. Aron, 1/2 both Orakian and Layan, is good with a sword and knows several techniques. He is the only protagonist in the game with a unique walking sprite. The other descendants of Rhys simply have a palette swap of either Rhys’ sprites or Lyle’s sprites.

Adan (Fuin in the Japanese version) is the son of Laya and Nial and the prince of Landen, Satera, and Mystoke. When earthquakes ravage their kingdom, he and his twin sister, Gwyn, set out with Mieu and Wren to discover the origin of the tremors. Adan, being of equal Layan and Orakian ancestry, is skilled in both swordplay and techniques.

Gwyn (Laia in the Japanese version) joins her brother on the quest to find the source of the earthquakes after having a nightmare. She can peer into the future through her dreams. Gwyn also inherits her mother’s healing techniques and her skill with a bow.

Kara (Luna in the Japanese version) is the daughter of Lune. Her appearance and abilities vary depending upon the story path chosen by the player. In the arcs of Sean and Crys, she is an embittered warrior, and due to her father’s apparent unwillingness to fight, joins them in the quest to find the true origin of the conflict. Despite being a full-blooded Layan, Kara is not skilled in the use of techniques. Instead she relies on her father’s legendary slicer to aid her in combat. In the arcs of Aron and Adan, she is mild-mannered and delicate. Unlike her counterpart, she is a skilled technique user, but is also effective with a slicer.

Secondary characters

King Cille is Maia’s father and Ruler of the Layan Land named “Cille”. He is the final boss of Rhys’ story.

Siren is an ancient android who once fought alongside Orakio. After a thousand years, he has continued to nurse a deep hatred for all Layans. He commands a massive army of cyborgs, his goal being the complete extermination of Laya’s clan. He is the final boss of Ayn’s arc.

Lune was a general of Laya’s forces. After his banishment by Orakio, Lune cryogenically froze himself for one thousand years. Upon awakening, he immediately began assembling an army of monsters in order to attain his revenge against the Orakians. His attack on Satera marked the beginning of a campaign to destroy all Orakian kingdoms. He is therefore the final boss in Nial’s arc.

Miun is an ancient Mieu-type cyborg who once fought alongside Orakio, along with Siren. Heavily damaged from an unknown conflict, she now randomly wanders around the desert of Aridia, kept functional only by her desire to see Orakio one more time. Her memories are damaged, but she clearly recalls Orakio’s sword. When one of the third-generation heroes approaches her with the sword in their possession, she believes them to be Orakio himself. Having seen him again, she shuts down, passing on her legendary claw to Mieu.

Rulakir is Orakio’s twin brother. His own family was killed long ago during the wars, and his hatred has kept him alive all this time. Consumed by darkness, he bars the player’s path to the final confrontation.

Dark Force is the evil from legends. Trapped under the waters of Landen by Orakio’s sword, the protagonist frees him wholly when he recovers the sword, and must destroy him to release Alisa III from his terror.

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