Pet Healer – Vet Hospital
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Pet Healer – Vet Hospital


Pet Healer is 3D game where you play as a veterinarian treating the poor animals in the city are in dire need of treatment, and that’s where you come in.

Build a new, idle vet hospital and heal your fluffy patients to make a difference.

In this vet hospital simulator game, you have the chance to become the best pet doctor around. Your patients include not only cats and dogs but also sheep and zebras, so there’s never a dull moment. Time is of the essence, as your little patients can’t wait forever.

Begin in a small room, collecting coins, purchasing new equipment, unlocking new medicine, and learning to cure various ailments. To speed things up, hire professional vet staff to take care of the pets. The more rooms you have, the more different animals you can treat, allowing you to grow your pet clinic into the largest in the city.

Pet Healer – Animal Hospital is the ultimate game for animal lovers. If you enjoy caring for animals and dream of owning a pet clinic, this game is for you. Spend quality time with your pets, provide them with excellent care, and ensure they have everything they need to heal quickly. Managing a large vet hospital is no easy feat, even for an experienced pet doctor. You’ll need to rush to earn lots of gold, unlock new medicine and tools, hire pet doctors, and cure diseases.

Each pet animal that comes to the hospital has its own unique problem, from viruses and colds to fractures and more. You’ll need to unlock the best medicine and equipment and hire experienced vet staff to treat them all.


Pet Healer – Vet Hospital is developed by Gmamba Studio.

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