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Create Pet God Mode


Welcome to Create Pet God Mode – Clicker, the ultimate tap-tap simulator for crafting animals! Discover the secrets behind our beloved furry friends by entering God Mode and assembling them from scratch. Witness the fascinating journey of building dogs, cats, and other four-legged companions, starting from their very first cells and skeletal structure to their internal organs and fluffy fur.

Prepare for a one-of-a-kind pet leveling experience. Begin your creature’s creation from its very inception, observing how organs seamlessly form within the body as you grow them from stem cells. Utilize power-ups and boosters like a true pet tycoon. Evolution took millions of years to shape dogs, but how long will it take you to create your dream pet?

Adorable animals eagerly await your creation as the simulator is ready to launch. Start playing for free now and explore the intricate details of pets’ anatomy.

The main objective of the game is to gradually construct an animal by collecting billions of cells. The journey begins with crafting the first of eight animals – a dog. As one part of the body grows, new sections will unlock. Cells accumulate at a certain rate per second, which can be enhanced through upgrades, each click on the “cell” button, or purchasing them with virtual currency.

Control Panel: At the top of the panel, you’ll find the count of accumulated cells, the number of diamonds, access to the store, and game settings. Diamonds serve as the in-game currency and can be spent on purchasing cells in the store.

In the lower section of the panel: Rockets 2 – accelerates cell growth per second or per click. Clock + – instantly boosts cell production for 600 seconds. Prestige – resets all progress and grants a bonus to constant cell production. Roulette – offers various bonuses. Characters – select and develop different characters throughout the game.

Unleash your creativity and become the ultimate pet creator in Create Pet God Mode – Clicker. Dive into the fascinating world of animal construction and uncover the wonders of life from a cellular perspective.

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