Parcel Blaster 2099
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Parcel Blaster 2099

Parcel Blaster 2099 is a fun little game where you use parcels as ammo. How many packages can you deliver to the mail box?

Welcome to the world of high-stakes delivery competitions, where parcels are used as ammunition in dangerous games. In this not-so-distant future, the objective is no longer just delivering packages but using them to fill mailboxes while racing against other competitors. It’s a world where lightning-fast reflexes are essential to success.

To master this game, keep in mind the following tips:

If you fire parcels while driving, they’ll continue moving forward, so make sure to lead your shots.
Parcels fired while boosting are worth triple points, so take advantage of your boosts whenever possible.
Keep an eye out for gas refills. They spawn based on your points, so the better you perform, the more gas you’ll get to continue driving and scoring big.
Get ready to leave the rules of the road behind and enter a world where only the most skilled and daring can emerge victorious.


Made by @graebor for LD 53. View submission and vote here

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • WASD or Arrows: Move, Boost, and Brake
  • Mouse: Aim and Shoot