Faster Blaster Asteroid Master
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Faster Blaster Asteroid Master


Faster Blaster Asteroid Master put a new spin on a beloved asteroid game!

Asteroids, but Faster and with more Blasters. Can you Master it?

To play, gather power-ups to boost your firing capacity. But beware: if you get hit, you’ll lose all of your upgrades and have to start over. And if your ship takes a hit without any upgrades, it’s game over!

Score points by blasting asteroids, UFOs, and the big boss. Collect the points you earn to unlock more power-ups.

Stay alive for as long as you can to set your personal best and compete on the leaderboard!


  • @FoxandLionGames
  • LionJeff – Design | Programming | SFX | Music
  • LilyFox – Design | Art

Just Have Fun!