Guard Of The Kingdom
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Guard Of The Kingdom


“Guard of the Kingdom” is a strategic defense game that plunges players into the heart of a kingdom under siege. Your role as the kingdom’s protector is critical—your king’s life and the fate of the realm rest squarely on your shoulders. As waves of enemy armies, driven by the ambition to usurp the throne, advance toward the royal palace, your strategic acumen and leadership are put to the test.

The game’s core lies in your ability to strategically position various types of guards within the castle’s layout. Each guard possesses unique skills and strengths, making them suited to defending against specific types of enemies. Your task is to deploy these defenders in a manner that optimally utilizes their abilities, creating an impenetrable defense that thwarts any attempt to breach the palace walls.

With every enemy defeated, you earn resources that can be reinvested into bolstering your defenses. This includes upgrading the capabilities of your current guards or hiring new and more powerful defenders. The game introduces a dynamic difficulty progression, with enemies becoming increasingly formidable as you advance through the levels. This necessitates a continual evolution of your defense strategy, requiring you to adapt and overcome new challenges as they arise.

“Guard of the Kingdom” offers players an immersive strategic experience, blending tower defense mechanics with elements of resource management. The game demands careful planning, quick thinking, and effective resource allocation to ensure the safety of the king and the preservation of the kingdom. With 40 types of enemies to confront and 9 types of defenders at your disposal—each with upgradeable combat capabilities—the game provides a rich and varied gameplay experience that keeps you engaged from start to finish.

As the kingdom’s guardian, your leadership will either lead to the kingdom’s salvation or its downfall. It’s a grand challenge that calls for the utmost dedication and strategic prowess. Are you ready to rise as the kingdom’s defender and safeguard your monarch against all odds?

Guard Of The Kingdom is a flash game made in 2013. Now it is playable again online and on tablets.

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