Neon Blue
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Neon Blue


You start out in a town named Eon Town, in a brand new region. Upon leaving your room, your sibling tells you that the professor is eagerly waiting for you to come to the lab, so that you can obtain your first pokemon.
On your way to become the best trainer, you’ll face two team rocket grunts which will interfere with your plans, and you will have to stop them in their tracks multiple times thorough the story. There are also, apart from the players sibling, many rivals such as May, Brendan (friendly rivals), and Denzel (the not so friendly rival).
Most hints that will help the player progress thorough the game are given by prof. Cornel, (text reading is important).
Hm’s are needed for certain parts of the game, and their location is also explained by NPC’s, some signs, etc.


  • A brand new region with lots of new maps, events that differ from the original games.
  • Some custom palettes (some ow tiles, ), custom ow sprite, backsprite (for male player only), new town map. (making these is way harder than it seems).
  • Some custom added ASM routines (releasing a pokemon – not using the pc, The IV display on the stat menu).
  • Lots of pokemon available, including all legendary pokemon from gen1 to gen3 which can be obtained with various methods (some before the elite 4, some with certain requirements, some randomly by chance, etc…)
  • New music tracks (mostly battle tracks)
  • A place after the elite 4 where you can battle against one of the 19 NPC’s (the choice of the NPC is random, and every NPC there was previously encountered/the player interacted with the NPC) – called the CK Frontier (although that’s the only feature as of now).
  • All 8 badges obtainable, and the elite 4 and the champion events are available.


  • Of course, GameFreak and Nintendo for making the games in the first place
  • mcferaligatr made every modification in this rom by using the tools used below.
  • Tools & resources used:- Advance Map
    – Sappy & Mid2Agb
    – Nameless sprite editor
    – Hopeless trainer editor
    – Unlz Gba
    – XSE script editor
    – Intro text editor
    – ASM compiler
    – Iv stat display screen on the summary menu
    – Complete item editor
    – Advanced palette editor
    – Pokemon intro cry editor
    – Nameless tilemap editor
    – (Hopefully all credits have been covered)

Updated to V2.5E

Just Have Fun!