Microsoft Jewel
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Microsoft Jewel

Play the classic match 3 puzzle game where you match idicatical gems of the same color to earn points. Complete the color challenges to advance to the next level. Create a long combo to earn bonus points and unlock special jewels.

Special Jewels:

Match 4 or more gems in a row to unlock special jewels, clear the board, and increase your score faster.

  • Bomb Jewel – Match 4 Jewels in a row to create the Bomb Jewel. Use it to make a new match and the Bomb Jewel will explode and destroy all the gems around it.
  • Cross-Clear Jewel – Match 5 jewels in an “L” or “T” shape to create the Cross-Clear Jewel. When this special gem is used to make a new match, it will destroy a full row and column, vertically and horizontally, from its current position.
  • Hyper Jewel – Match 5 jewels in a straight row or column to create this special gem. Swap it with any color to remove all jewels of the same color from the board.

Also watch out for dark jewels that can’t be swapped and doesn’t match with any color, the only way is to destroy it with another special jewels.

Just Have Fun!