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Madness Interactive

You must save the world jump use bullet time pick up new weapons stronger pistols machine guns rocket launchers grenade launchers and more.

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.

How to Play:

The mouse-based fist controls takes a while of getting used to, so it/s worth checking out the extensive tutorials and Experiment/ options before you play the game. See bonus features like the jet pack and slow-motion Matrix/Max Payne-style bullet time – plus, on a lighter note, there is an option to customize your player to look like ninja, a clown, or The Matrix/s Agent Smith….Let the death toll rise. These are the default key mappings. You may change them in the option menu.W: UP;A: LEFT;S: DOWN;D: RIGHT;Q: Bullet Time On/Off;E: Switch Weapons;F: Drop/Throw Weapon;Shift: Use Jetpack/Bomb. Have Fun. Good Luck