Journey to the East

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Journey to the East

Journey to the East is an RPG game set in the magical world of Eos.

Start your epic adventure and meet new friends on your Journey to the East.

The full name of this game is Megami Ankhanessa no Monogatari (The story of the Goddess Ankhanessa): Journey to the East.

Story and Design: Nakoruru
Graphics: Kadokawa, Enterbrain, Hiddenone, Morillus, Mack, The Infamous Bob Bon, Telmina, TheStoryeller01, TheHarmp, Avery, ArctheMonkey, Indrah Arc, Pandamaru, Minnow, Chiara, Celianna, Palxan and Verdibona, Chalkdust, Thalzon, RavenBlackbird, byBibo, TTKOZ, Cyanide, Sinnistar, Haydeos.
Art: Michael Rookard, マゼラン.
Music and SFX: Kadokawa, Murray Atkinson, YouFulca, Derek & Brandon Fiechter.
Coding: Yanfly, Moghunter, PrimeHoover, Terrax, Himeworks, Galenmereth.
Voice: SNK Playmore, Konami.

Good Luck and Have Fun.

How to Play:

Cursor Keys – Movement, Z – Interact, X – Menu/Cancel, Hold shift+Direction – Dash.
Psychic Combat – Cursor Keys, Z, X, A, S.
Chain Combo commands – Cursor Keys, Z, X.
(Recommended you don’t change these keys especially Z, X, A, S as they are needed to be inputted correctly during combat).