Interstellar Docking

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Interstellar Docking

A cool little game based on the Interstellar Docking. This game is very hard. It’ll require a lot of focus and patience in order to succeed. Based on the Interstellar sci-fi movie by

Your goal is to pilot a spaceship in outer space and dock it at a rotating space station. The two green points must be connected.

You have been warned this game is very difficult. But nothing like the real deal.

Will you be able to dock it?

Gamedev: Adrián Alameda (Unity3d)

PixelArt: Adrián Alameda (Aseprite and PyxelEdit)

Music: Original SoundTrack: Hans Zimmer.


As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.

How to Play:

W/S to approach the space station.
A/D to rotate around the space station.